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UNNAYAN PROCHESTA is a voluntary development Organization established in 1996 working for the development of the poor. UNNAYAN PROCHESTA means development endeavor - a society where all folks of the human being are living together to lead a sustainable peaceful life. Considering alleviating the poverty, established the human rights, ensuring the basic needs of the poor under the leadership of Mr. Sk. Yakub Ali a young batch of local dedicated boys has started this organization. In the initial stage no donation or any other financial supports were at place but the cooperation of target groups, other NGO leaders and Peer Luizy Lupy who inspired us to establish such an Organization.

With the physical support beside group formation volunteers spent time in the nursery field temporarily spared by Mr. Yakub Ali to generate pocket money. This nursery becomes a model in the locality where farmers are used to come to visit learning by doing to start at their field.

UP does not believe on traditional development but believe on multidimensional development efforts. It is the people who could change their livelihood pattern, but they need the moral support. In 1996 our first friend CVM, Italy (through Peer Lupy) extended their hands which helped us to get NGO AB registration. In 1997 Banchte Shekha, a national NGO supported us on our human rights issues especially involvement of the women in the whole process of village Salish (arbitration). From 1998 PKSF started funding to our credit intervention. Gradually we have received fund from MISEREOR, CARE-Bangladesh and ADB through DOF for implementation of various projects.

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