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The story of the development of the fate of one woman zealous in action is the story of the development of women.

Tahmina Begum, the name of one woman engaged in action with her husband Shirajul Islam and two Child, she lives in Prosadpur village of Khalil Nagar Union under Tala upazila of Satkhira district. Since all basic facilities, including herbal and medical services were inadequate for her husband, often have to work as a female worker in other fields. Continuous efforts have been made to bring about the lack of natural disadvantages. At one stage, Tahmina Begum was appointed as a member of TuliMahilaSamity of Khalil Nagar branch and tried to develop fate by joining it with various income generating activities by accepting small loans. Under the initiative of the development effort of the development efforts, under the guidance of the creative management based cow, under the development efforts of the Dairy Clusters, a grant of 16000 / = (16 thousand Taka) is given as grants for production, use and marketing of worm. On 26.03.2017, he started the canopy fertilizer in 40 Nada / Chari. Due to the absence of adequate dung because of a cattle, they used to collect cow dung from outside and use it for fertilizer production. On 08.05.2017, he collected 18 maund worm fertilizers from his farm fertilizer farm and sold 400 / = money at a total of Rs. 7200 / = at heart rate. For supply of adequate dung, he has received a loan of 30000 / = from the agency and bought a cow. Thus, every month he sells worms along with 18-20 manure from the farm. So far, he sells 102 manure fertilizers and sells 40800 / = and worms and gives a total of Rs. 71,250 / = including 30450 / = of the money. With the plan to increase his farm, he has already started the fertilizer production by making three cell walled houses with the money and purchasing another cow for adequate dung. At present, there are 03 cows in his goat and he has been able to bring his family prosperity with the help of improving his fortune by generating 10-12 thousand taka by selling fertilizers and worms every year from the worm farm.

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