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Climate Resilient Community Development Project (CRCDP)

Goal of the project: To improve the salinity resilience of community through adaptation knowledge, access to WASH, sustainable farm production and alternative livelihoods.


Objectives of the project:

  1. Improved resiliency of saline risk community through increased access to water, sanitation and health
  2. The community have improved knowledge and better prepared to screen/reduce salinity and climate change impacts
  3. Increased farm productivity through the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices of the smallholder farmers
  4. Enable most vulnerable groups (i.e. women, disabled) to upgrade towards resiliency and have their voice to address differing gender needs in alternative livelihoods and farm production


Target people: The project target people is 12000 from-

  • Farmers group- sharecroppers, marginal farmers and smallholder farmers,
  • Sundarban dependant professionals-fisherman, bawali, mowal, day labour,
  • Poor and ultra-poor,
  • Women headed households and
  • Peoples with Disability (PWDs) households



  • Project implementation start up and baseline
  • Beneficiary identification
  • Inception and stakeholder communication
  • Baseline survey
  • Staff capacity development


Interventions towards climate change resilient community with specific focus on salinity

  • Union based Community Climate Screening Team (CCST) setup
  • CC awareness training of targeted community, religious leader, school students, LEBs etc.
  • Nursery development and tree plantation
  • CC awareness materials preparation and dissemination
  • Federation formation for lobbying and networking on local climate change and salinity issues


Promotion of safe drinking water, sanitation and health education

  • Installment of solar based PSF including pond maintenance
  • Support for low-cost rainwater harvester
  • Support for treatment of iron and arsenic for safe drinking water
  • Training and community management group developed for safe drinking water management
  • Installment and orientation on improved disaster friendly sanitation
  • Support for an improved cooking environment to reduce health impact specially on women and children
  • Health camp and referral services


Promotion of Saline tolerant agriculture-cropping, fisheries and livestock

  • Training and Input support of saline tolerant vegetables and crops
  • Production and use of compost (vermin compost, quick compost)
  • Training and input support on saline tolerant fish/ crab culture
  • Training, input and fodder support of saline adaptive livestock
  • Support for saline tolerant mele cultivation, mat making and marketing
  • Market channel management for optimizing the profit of targeted producer
  • Water enclosure/land management for irrigation with rainwater/ groundwater as of availability
  • Training and support for recognized environment-friendly shrimp farming.

Participatory result monitoring and evaluation

  • Participatory result monitoring
  • Environmental supervision and monitoring
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project management and coordination
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