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Buniad is an ultra-poor program. Basically, ultra poor means are the people who are begging for their livelihood. It also includes the people who sell physical labors, cannot take care of children’s education, food, clothing, etc. The ultra-poor have always been left out form the classical microcredit services because of the perceived belief that they are vulnerable to loan repayment.  In view of these entire constraints, Buniad loan component is designed for disadvantaged ultra-poor community people who have no opportunity to access to the formal banking sector. Unnayan Prochesta provides loan to these ultra poor to enhance their income and ­improve their livelihood status. This program is being operated by Unnayan Prochesta in all of its branches. Up to June 2017, Tk 45.17 million has been disbursed. At present, there are 8215 loanees in this program.

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